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Reflective Garden Project at Wellsprings Centre

About four years ago it was suggested that the field behind the Holy Faith Convent would make an ideal space for a Prayer Garden. A place where participants in some of our courses could relax, reflect and pray. We pooled ideas and drew rough sketches, the idea both energized and enthused us. The Associates too came on board with ideas and suggestions. However, reality soon kicked in as we realised that because of the size of the area this would be both labour intensive and costly.


A dream starts to become reality

Unknown to us however, the seed had been sown and remained dormant. Sometime towards the end of 2014 , Carmel Wynne, a Holy Faith Associate approached us about reviving the idea of a Reflective Garden. Carmel was attending a course called Landmark which required her to present a project – her chosen project was in to take up the challenge of turning the dream of a Reflective Garden into a reality. Her reasons for this were two-fold:

  • An acknowledgement of the work of the Holy Faith Sisters in Celbridge since 1878.
  • To provide a space for reflection, relaxation and prayer that would also be low maintenance

She consulted an expert in the area of landscape and design, who advised her that the field was far too big a project to undertake. He suggested that she scale it back to upgrading and redesigning the existing patio and indoor courtyard area. The main brief was to design a space of relaxation and tranquillity but of low maintenance.

The launch date was set for 24th January. The ceremony began with a short prayer service and blessing of the plans. The number of those attending far exceeded our expectations, and a great sense of community and camaraderie prevailed. Many of the guests braved the cold to see the present garden and courtyard area. After the bracing air outside it was time for tea and homemade “goodies”. Our hope is that when the day comes for the work to start many will be there to “lend” a hand. The project has generated great enthusiasm and interest, long may it last. The project will begin in earnest in May.