Since arriving in Trinidad in 1947, our sisters have been involved in both primary and secondary school education. We have responsibility for two private primary schools in Port of Spain, and two Government-assisted secondary schools, in Couva and in Penal. These secondary schools have diverse ethnic and religious populations

Sisters are also involved in faith development through parish programs, retreats, catechist formation, social justice work and membership of archdiocesan committees. One sister is a part-time prison chaplain and minsters to prisoners on ‘death row’ and another sister is involved in HOPE, a micro-credit lending facility that offers small business loans .


An important outreach is Credo Foundation for Justice which operates residential development centres for socially displaced young people. These centres offer them a safe home, and assist them to acquire the personal, social and educational skills they need to become self-reliant, contributing citizens, and responsible parents of the future. As an antidote to the perceived need to join the criminal, gang and drug culture endemic in East Port of Spain, Credo also operates a drop-in development program in Nelson Street. This provides a safe space with educational, developmental and recreational activities for the children, teenagers and adults of the area. Through these programs, we strive to make an impact, not only on individual lives but also on our overall societal problems of homelessness, drugs, crime and violence.


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