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Jubilarians Celebrate

Four hundred and seventy five years of religious life were celebrated in the gathering of Jubiliarians in Glasnevin on Friday 8 August. The celebratory meal, preceded by prayer, is hosted every year by the General Leadership Team to honour the sisters who have chalked up 25, 50 or 60 years of dedicated service in the congregation. This year we had a rare anniversary: Sr Marcellina Quinn rejoiced in 70 years since her first profession as well  as celebrating her 90th birthday a few weeks ago.

Just as the prayer service was about to begin we heard that Sr Baptista Smiddy had died in our adjoining nursing home after a long illness. Baptista or Bap, as she was known, was Marcellina’s group but she would watch over our celebration in a new life. The mystery of life and  God’s election was reinforced for us but did not dampen the occasion because we knew that Bap would want us to enjoy every minute of it!

The international character of the congregation was well represented in the group of Jubilarians: California, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland with Bap serving in Trinidad and Samoa.

Congratulations all and thanks to Sr Veronica Maguire who organised everything for the occasion.