Loss of Life in Paris: Solidarity and Prayer Litany

Loss of Life in Paris: Solidarity and Prayer Litany

We stand in solidarity with the people of Paris and of France. We recognise these acts of terrorism are also directed to all women and men of good will, people who wish to live in peace and allow their neighbours to live in peace.

We, whose only weapons are our prayers, pray:

For those who have died as victims of these acts terrorism, may they rest in peace,

For those in the fire-arms trade, may God soften their hearts and sharpen their consciences,

For those thinking of joining the forces of IS and other militant groups, may the brutality of this act make them think again,

For our Muslim sisters and brothers who love peace and harmony, and are deeply troubled by these acts, may they  find understanding in their wider communities.

For those who have been wounded, may they recover from their  injuries,

For families and friends of the dead and injured, may they find comfort and consolation,

For all involved, may they find healing and inner peace,

For the emergency responders, hospital staff, police and army, may they be blessed with courage and take comfort by knowing that their work is a service to humanity,

May we who proclaim peace be changed from peace-lovers to peace-makers.