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September Events – Moments of Mystery: Partners in Faith

Tuesday Sept 16 and 23, 10.30 – 12.30 including a break. 

Maximum:  20

Two sessions giving ourselves an opportunity to discover moments in our lives when we have become aware of God’s break through.  These ‘moments of mystery’ happen at any time, in different ways , through the birth of a baby to a flower opening in Spring to time of grief or joy or celebration, in very ordinary everyday experiences.

Cost: €15    Booking essential

Partners in Faith is an agency for the personal and social development of adults from a faith perspective. They provide opportunities and resources for people in areas where economic resources are low, to deepen and develop their understanding of God, God’s dream for people and articulate the values they live out in the cultural, economic and spiritual climate of their milieu. They work organically, with people where they live and continually adapt sessions to whatever is emerging in conversation with the participants.