Students’ Photography Exhibition

Part of a project devised and delivered by the Irish Architecture Foundation (IAF), ‘Sacred Spaces is an exhibition of artwork created by Transition Year students from St. Mary’s Secondary School, Glasnevin. Architect-in-Residence Evelyn D’Arcy and Art Teachers Cathy Kavanagh and Nadine Cunningham collaborated with the students to produce the works in the Exhibition.

The exhibition explores a visual dialogue between The Margaret Aylward Centre for Faith and Dialogue and the students. Each student has made a unique response through the mediums of photography and 3d model making. The work examines a sense of place and is informed by the beauty of the surrounding natural landscape. The students have made observations of perspective, scale, space and materials. They have commented on the aesthetics of the architecture and how it relates to the human, spiritual and built environments inhabited by the students.