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Catholic Schools Award for Sr Liz Curtis RIP

University of Notre Dame Sorin Award for Catholic Schools

Named for the founder of the University, this award honors those whose tireless commitment to support, sustain, and transform Catholic schools has shaped the lives of countless children and their families and communities. These awardees inspire others through their dedicated service to the Gospel through the apostolate of Catholic Education.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014, Sisters Catherine Casey, Dorothea Glennon, Miriam Harney, Dolores Madden and Dolores Maguire, and Father Michael Downey, with a delegation of students, parents and teachers from Holy Spirit School and parish, were at Rivercats Stadium to receive this award posthumously for our recently deceased Sister Liz Curtis. The ceremony took place in the presence of 4000 elementary school students and their teachers. Bishop Jaime Soto, Bishop of Sacramento, celebrated Mass with a number of priests from the Sacramento Diocese as well as Fathers Scully and Peter Corpora both from Notre Dame University-the former being the founder of the ACE Program, Alliance for Catholic Education which trains and provides recent Notre Dame graduates to serve for  a two year period in poor urban Schools in major US archdiocese/dioceses.

Following Mass, we, the Sisters, were called to the field and introduced to the audience. We were then presented with the Sorin Award a fitting tribute to Sister Liz and to us, the Sisters of the Holy Faith.