Ballygall school shines in school evaluation

Staff and parents of Mother of Divine Grace primary school Ballygall are delighted with the report of the whole school evaluation conducted by inspectors from the Department of Education and Skills.

As anyone who has participated in these sorts of evaluations knows, a mountain of paperwork has to be prepared beforehand with every ‘I’  dotted and every ‘t’ crossed, and then some. The rewarding part is that these inspections are intended to be helpful; they validate the efforts of the school community to provide the best education possible for the students. Strengths of the school are commended and areas for improvement identified.

I visited the school last year and experienced personally what the inspectors wrote concerning the atmosphere in the school, the good behaviour of the students, the dedication of the whole school staff, the involvement of parents and guardians, the special efforts being made to assist students whose first language is not English and the support given to children who had to flee their countries of birth. Other curriculum strengths are the teaching of English, Mathematics and Science.

The leadership team of the school received special mention for their energetic and enthusiastic approach to engaging staff and parents in teaching and learning programs and for their excellent management of the school’s resources.

The sisters of the Holy Faith, who opened the school, are very proud of the school’s ethos and achievements in a changing Ireland. We are pleased to continue to make a large tract of land available as green space and playing area in this densely built-up suburb of Dublin.

Congratulations to all!