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Women’s Important Role in Seminary Training

St John’ Seminary prepares priests for the archdiocese of Los Angeles and other dioceses in the USA. The first women to work there were generally on the administrative staff but things have changed.

‘Women in leadership positions here really mirror what is going on in parishes’, said Msgr Marc Trudeau, rector of St John’s, ‘ our mission is to produce parish priests and if we do that without the input of women, then we are really lacking’.

The longest serving woman is the Director of Finance, Jackie Rotter, who relishes the contact with students. Sr Mary Glennon, a Holy Faith sister and Assistant Director of Spiritual Formation is grateful for the privilege of accompanying so many seminarians on their path to priesthood. Sr Leanne Hubbard, a sister of Notre Dame and Director of Pastoral Formation feels validated by her colleagues and students and believes that women’s voices are indeed heard at St John’s.

Story adapted from, 11 Sept. 2014, Paula Doyle..