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Eco Congregations Ireland Awareness Award

Individually and as communities the Sisters in the Irish Region have been, over many years, growing in awareness of and concern for, the many issues facing the future of planet earth.  That awareness has been sharpened by Pope Francis’ publication of Laudato Si.  Currently we are making more of a joint regional efforts to put this awareness into practice and have looked to Eco Congregations Ireland for inspiration and guidance.

Eco Congregations is an organisation which encourages parishes and faith communities to take steps in four areas to become more environmentally aware and eco-friendly. The areas are:-

Practical –  recycling, biodiversity, etc

Spiritual –  the gift of nature influencing our prayer life.

Community – involvement in wider local projects, etc.

Global – support of an area affected by climate change.

By displaying evidence that we are, indeed, working in all of these areas we move towards an award that identifies us as an ‘eco community’.  This Awareness Certificate is a first step on that road. 

Holy Faith Sisters – Eco Congregations Ireland Awareness Award Certificate

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