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Trinidad marks Margaret Aylward Day with Marketspace.

Marketspace a celebration of the life of Margaret Aylward but with a contemporary edge. Sr Roberta, opening the event, said the aim of the event was to focus attention on assisting the poor and marginalised achieve the resources necessary to live lives worthy of their status as human beings.

Marketspace, held in Couva, presented essential items which would have been sold in Margaret Aylward’s time in mid nineteenth century Dublin, – a long way in time, distance, climate and culture from sunny Trinidad. Other items with a distinctly ‘Trinnie’ flavour were in the market such as textiles, crafts, wood, stone and paper products. The day highlighted fun, collaboration with concern for the underprivileged.

Students at the four Holy Faith schools contributed to the day. St Bernadette, Woodbrook, set up a fun park for children while the other primary school, St Monica’s staged a dramatic presentation of some key points of Margaret Aylward’s life. Holy Faith Convent secondary school Penal put on a workshop of Faith, Justice and the Family (a mini-synod!) and it fell to Holy Faith Couva to prepare the site for the marketplace.

Marketplace will continue next year with a shift to Holy Faith in Trinidad.