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Week of Prayer for Refugees

Every day we see and read about the terrible plight of displaced people throughout the world. If they are able to escape the immediate terror, they find themselves in a refugee camp with few prospects for the future and years of waiting for resettlement.  The crisis of displaced persons is the great humanitarian crisis of our times and, as followers of Jesus Christ,  we are obligated to do something about it. What can d we do to help?

  1. The first thing, and something we can all do, is pray and so the Holy Faith sisters will hold a  week of prayer for the displaced people of the world in the first week of September. If you are reading this you could join with us in prayer wherever you are and in whatever prayer form you choose.
  2. Secondly, those of us who feel so inclined could write to our members of parliament asking them to urge their governments to enable  the speedier processing of asylum appeals and refugee resettlement.
  3. Thirdly we could make a donation to a charity or non-government organisation which is involved in assisting displaced persons. It would be good if this donation came not from our surplus but from what we believe to be necessary for us!
  4. Fourthly, those who are able could seek out an agency involved in refugee or re-settlement services and donate a few hours of assistance.

Most countries have several refugee organisation. One which is present in many countries is the Jesuit refugee Service. Google it and see if you can help!