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Congratulations to Marian House Staff

Marian House, the congregational nursing home in the grounds of Glasnevin convent, successfully completed its recent HIQA inspection for re-registration. Preparation for accreditation in any sphere involves an enormous amount of  preparation in reviewing policy documents,working through innumerable checklists, distributing and collecting resident and visitor questionnaires and all this while the day-to-day care of the residents continues.

The sisters of the Holy Faith are enormously grateful to all the staff of Marian House for all they do to ensure that the residents are well cared for, can enjoy a range of activities or simply sit in a quiet spot in  a very beautiful and bright environment. The staff are assisted by a wonderful group of volunteers  – sisters and lay friends – who assist with activities or help with reception duties and receive visitors. Many have been volunteering faithfully for years and their contribution is very important and much valued.

While it was gratifying to read the very positive comments in the inspector’s report and to note the suggestions for improvement, we know that Marian House is a happy place in which end-of-life care is given with great respect for the dignity of the person who is dying and with every effort made to facilitate relatives. The brother of a recently deceased sister said to the inspector,  ‘they do dying well here’, an observation which found its way into the inspector’s report!

The image accompanying this post was painted by one of the residents.

Congratulations and well done to staff, volunteers and residents. Bravo!!