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I AM WITH YOU STILL – Faith Reflections from a Covid-19 World

I AM WITH YOU STILLFaith Reflections from a Covid-19 World, recently published by Veritas was initiated by Pamela McLoughlin. Speaking about the year that has been challenged by the Covid Pandemic and such questions as ‘Why has this happened? and Where can I find God in all of this? Pam writes: ‘The idea behind the book was to give a voice to those who faced these challenges and questions, that their experiences might help people come to terms with what they’ve been through and perhaps inspire them to look more deeply at what is important in their lives’.

The book features the most amazing stories of faith, and for some a faith in the midst of pain and struggle. I was invited to be one of the eighteen contributors to the book – and to speak on the role music has played for me during this time of Covid. I quote from my chapter entitled Music – My Companion‘This is a difficult time for so many. Once again we are challenged to draw on our inner strengths of faith, hope and love.………. It is my deepest wish and desire to share God’s comfort and love through the channel with which I have been gifted and blest: my faith and my music. As I reflect on my music’s journey, it is not me that brought my music on a journey, but my music that has guided me to so many places only to find the presence of God waiting there. I conclude with words from my album of scriptural chants entitled Shelter Me. May these words offer us hope and reassurance in these times.’

Shelter me O God, shelter me O God

Keep me safe in your love

Shelter me from storms that pass along the way

Shelter me, shelter me O God.

Marie Dunne CHF


I AM WITH YOU STILL – Faith Reflections from a Covid-19 World is available at Veritas. It is forwarded by Donal Dorr and includes a series of reflections by John Quinn.