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Food for the World’s Hungry

The fight against hunger  – food security and the causes of hunger -was highlighted on Caritas Day, 19 May, at an international meeting in Milan. Speakers from six continents shared projects about effective ways to empower people in economically deprived countries to cultivate enough food to feed themselves and to do this in an ecologically sustainable way.

Basing their work on the  campaign “One human family, food for all”  Caritas aid workers have built up existing programmes in agriculture, livelihoods, irrigation and more, sharing expertise to help families feed themselves. Caritas advocacy teams have joined forces to lobby governments for the right to food and food sovereignty. And at the local level, Caritas has raised awareness about food waste, food speculation and other problems that hurt the hungry.

At the Milan meeting young people will plant a flower in the shape of the number 805, commemorating the 805 million people throughout the world who still do not have enough food.