Blessing of Margaret Aylward Centre

Blessing of Margaret Aylward Centre

Margaret Aylward Centre for Faith Dialogue was opened and blessed in indifferent weather but bright spirits on St Brigid’s Day 1 February. About eighty five guests filled the lower floor for the ceremony of prayer, reflection and blessing.

Diarmuid Martin, RC archbishop of Dublin officiated and the Rev. David Oxley represented Archbishop Jackson, the C of I Archbishop of Dublin.

Architect, Ralph Bingham of MOLA Architecture, enthralled the crowd with an explanation of his design concept for the building; a pavilion floating on the lawn. Archbishop Martin and Holy Faith Congregational Leader, Vivienne, struck a similar note in emphasising the role of the Centre as a place of dialogue and interaction: dialogue between Christian denomination; different faiths but also the dialogue of ideas all needing the dialogue of hearts as both a pre-requisite and an outcome.

Many commented on how the architecture drew on the natural environment to express the Centre’s other role: a place of reflection and stillness for all.

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