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Farewell to Fairfield California

‘There is a time for everything under heaven’ and the time has come for the Holy Faith sisters to say goodbye to Holy Spirit parish, Fairfield in the Diocese of Sacramento.

The sisters came to staff  parish primary school just over 60 years ago and maintained their involvement with the school until 2014 when the principal, Sr Liz Curtis, died.  From then on two sisters, already retired from teaching, continued to live in the parish engaging on a voluntary basis  in several pastoral ministries. They have decided to return to Ireland and will leave the US on Monday 27 March. 2017.

They and all the sisters who served in Fairfield carry with them wonderful memories of their time there, the kindness of parishioners and all members of the school community – past and present.

We thank you for all you did for us and for your prayers which accompany the sisters who are leaving. We especially wish to thank the pastor, Fr Downey, for his kindness to the Holy Faith sisters over many years.

May God bless you all!