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Mercy is a movement…

Symbol of Morning Prayer Ritual – Incense contained in a coconut shell.

The Sisters of the Holy Faith in Trinidad, together with their Associates, from Couva, Penal, Siparia, Sangre Grande and Port of Spain, met recently in Couva for their annual get together.

Contemplative sessions were based on the theme of Mercy. In a very moving song by India Aria entitled ‘I am Light’, we were called to acknowledge that each one of us present is light.  By God’s mercy, we are light.

We found that we could define Mercy best by naming times when we received mercy or gave it. Through this reflection we experienced a call to action in this year, The Year of Mercy.

What simple project could we as a group (or individual) undertake to highlight mercy in action?

Here are some of the initiatives we decided on:

  • Economic empowerment of young people through skill enhancement
  • After school tutoring of underperforming secondary school students
  • Connecting more with people who are socially isolated
  • Strengthening local community through participation in various clubs
  • Visiting prisons

In this year of Mercy, we are determined to make a difference. We invite you to join us wherever you live by moving into mercy.