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Jolted into Holy Week

Two memorable prods from Pope Francis jolted us into Holy Week. The first came from the Gospel story about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Just as Jesus called Lazarus to come forth from his tomb. he calls us to come out from the tombs we have created for ourselves. We are called to leave the darkness in which we put ourselves first to come into the light where we put others first.

But before we get to the light of Easter we have to journey through Holy Week. In his homily on Palm Sunday, Pope Francis suggested that the question which accompanies us  through all the ceremonies of Holy Week is ‘where is my heart?’  The close followers of Jesus fell asleep when Jesus was in agony in the garden. How easy it is for us to be indifferent to the agony of those around us: the agony of isolation, loneliness. physical pain, domestic violence, trafficking of women and girls. Are we asleep when the injustices in the world cry out for action?

The Easter question is: how will I be different in the light of Easter and how will I make a difference in the lives of others?