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Mass for Deceased Sisters & Friends

On a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon in May, the annual Mass for deceased sisters, associates and friends was celebrated. We used to have this Mass in November but changed to May with its longer hours of evening daylight to assist those driving long distances.

It is always a very joyful occasion; a time to re-connect with family members of sisters who died many years ago. It is lovely when the custom of attending is passed on from generation to generation and now we welcome grand-nieces and grand-nephews.

This year the celebrant was Monsignor O’Connor, of Dublin Diocese, a friend of Holy Faith for many years now. His homily was much appreciated and is still being talked about — and that doesn’t happen too often!

The Holy Faith Past Pupils Choir,  directed by Holy Faith sister,  Marie Dunne, sang at the Mass. This is a fairly new choir and their first time to sing at this Mass. From all accounts, they will be welcomed back.

In the Summer, the cemetery will be renovated: the old black crosses will be no more and will be replaced by small headstones.

The image is that of the Past Pupils Choir