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Special Ecology Event at the Margaret Aylward Centre

OK you’ve heard about, or perhaps read, Pope Francis’s letter on the environment. What now?

No doubt wherever you live there is a workshop, reading group, lecture or some opportunity to deepen your understanding of the topics raised in the Pope’s letter. In Glasnevin, the Margaret Aylward Centre for Faith and Dialogue is hosting such a gathering on Saturday 4 July.

A Dominican sister, Colette Kane, will lead the workshop. From 10.00am to 1.00pm you will discover some of what the telescope and microscope reveal to us about God, Creator of Heaven and earth and explore ways to integrate these new understandings into your spirituality.

Booking is essential so contact the Centre on mcfdglasnevin@gmail or phone 7979364

In the meantime ponder these wonderful verses from the Book of Job (38:4-6; 18)

Have you an inkling of the extent of the earth? Tell me about it if you have.’