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Sr Margo Sends News from South Sudan

Margo has moved to another part of South Sudan where Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS) runs a teacher training college. Delighted to have this account from her.

The difference between Yambio Teacher Training College where I am now stationed and Riimenzie Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) camp is as light to darkness, night to day. Here there is a vibrant Teacher Training College, staffed by an international group of qualified tutors, serving a cohort of some 119 teachers. In the present situation of ongoing conflict and war, this is a miracle. These men (mostly) and some women come from all parts and tribes of South Sudan, some from as far away as the Nuba Mountains.

Many of the student teachers have been teaching in their own areas, but without any formal training. There are few trained teachers in South Sudan so this college is surely a beacon of hope in a country decimated by war yet again.

The Riimenzie IDP is a sea of blue and white tarpaulins, stretching completely around the compound and overflowing into new areas beyond. Since I left there seven people have died and eight babies have been born. Plus the Solidarity cat has had three cute little kittens. The miracle there is the amazing resilience of the people and their absolute faith that “God will deliver us from our suffering”.

It will need yet another miracle of grace for that to happen in the immediate future. There is not a scintilla of hope for a political solution.

So please do continue to pray for the people whose courage,  hope and even joy light and bless all who walk with them.’