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Water, Water NOT Everywhere

In Ireland, we have heard a lot in political campaigns about water for ourselves but little about water for others.

More than 700 million people do not have access to clean water and more than 2 billion people need improved access to safe sanitation (UN report 2016).  Many poorer countries are in water distressed areas particularly affected by climate change.

At the same time, as urbanisation grows, the demand for water grows. Part of the answer to this problem is using the water that is produced more effectively. This is quite a complex matter.  One big problem is the gap in the volume of water we already put into the distribution system and the  volume of water billed to consumers. The amount of money lost in this way due to leakage, theft, corrupt practices by commercial interests, is half of the total global investment in providing safe water to countries which haven’t got it.

Four simple ways to conserve water in domestic use:

  1. Have a 2 minute shower
  2. Do not let the tap run when washing your teeth
  3. Wash your car yourself. Use a bucket or two of water rather than a hose and if you must use a hose, park the car on grass while you are washing it.
  4. Ask yourself does your grassed area really need an automatic sprinkler system twice a day?

If you want to learn more about the gap in distribution and use, see Roland Liemberger: