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Destroyed Centre Re-opens in Trinidad

Credo is one of a group of houses for young people at risk which the Holy Faith sisters operate in Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad. Destroyed by fire some years ago, it recently reopened. Credo Director, Sr Roberta writes:

When our centre for socially displaced boys was destroyed by fire, one of the residents, Kendall poignantly voiced the feelings of many of the boys when he said, ‘I have lost many things in the fire, but most of all I have lost my home’. That day we promised to rebuild them a bigger and better home. Keeping that promise proved to be a real challenge, so we are delighted, at last, to be able to announce the completion of our new Drop-in & Development Centre at 24 Nelson Street Port of Spain.

 The purpose of this centre is

  • To keep socially displaced youth away from drugs, crime and gangs on the streets; to offer them a safe home and to help them to acquire the personal, social and educational skills they need to become self-reliant, contributing citizens, and responsible parents of the future
  • To provide a safe drop-in centre with positive activities for inner city girls and boys as an antidote to the perceived need to join gangs and a life of crime
  • To make an impact on our national systemic problems of homelessness, crime and violence”.

 Congratulations to Sr Roberta. to the staff and volunteer helpers and to all who worked so hard to raise funds for the building. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Misean Cara, the Irish funding agency for their support.

 Credo website is under construction at this time.   Please look out for it soon at and read all about programmes

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