November Events – Faith and the New Cosmology

Saturday, November 29, 10.00am – 4.00pm   

With Mark Mc Donnell c.f.c

Cost: €40    Deposit:  €15        Booking essential

Bring a packed lunch.  Tea/coffee provided

Cosmologies Old and New

Cosmology is the story of the Universe and the context it provides for understanding the meaning of life. Join us for a day of reflection and exploration on the implications of how science is influencing Christian faith. The day will deal initially with traditional cosmologies and how they answered the big questions about creation and the meaning of life. We will then look at how these beliefs began to lose their appeal in the face of revelations of modern science. Finally, we will explore how faith and science can rhyme. A challenging and informative day is promised!

Anthony Mark McDonnell cfc, studied Science and Maths in UCC and was a teacher of Science and Maths for a number of years. He served as School Principal in Templemore and Synge St. He was awarded his PhD in Education in UCD for research in school ethos. He spent many years in congregation administration. He studied Cosmology under Professor Brian Swimme in California on sabbatical leave in 208/9, and is currently a member of the presenting team at An Táirseach Ecology Centre in Co. Wicklow.